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Best Top Load Washers in 2015


Finding the best top load washer – Expert Buying Guide


There has been a lot of improvement in the technology applied to keeping and maintaining household functions. Different tools and appliances are created and designed to make it a lot easier for housewives to do what needs to be done. Doing the laundry has got to be the most tedious job for everyone, and to make the task more bearable, you need to have a washing partner that willed finitely make your life a lot easier. Top load washers are one of the most efficient laundry machines you can find on the market today. We wish to help you choose the best model and we have compiled a list of the features that you should prioritize in order to find the best top load washer 2015.

  1. Operation

The important thing about a washing machine is its functionality. What really defines it is how well it operates. The overall operation of a washer is determined by how well every feature can execute. The ideal washer can operate without producing too much noise and vibration, especially since top load washers are the noisiest of all washer types. Reduced noise and vibration is every bit a product of cutting edge washer technology.


  1. Features

The best top load washers 2015 showcase the best features. A convenient design is the thing to look for. In terms of convenience and efficiency, top load washers are the winner. The top load washer that you are looking for must have the proper wash cycles and advanced features. There has to be a lot of options for different types of washing for different fabric.


Top rated products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Dimensions Cycles Customer Rating Where to buy

Speed Queen AWN412

3.3 cubic ft $$$ 28 x 26 x 43 inches 8 A+


3.9 cubic ft $$$ 25.5 x 27 x 42 inches 20 B+

Haier HLP21N

1.0 cubic ft $$ 20 x 20 x 32.5 inches 6 B

Frigidaire FAHE4044MW

3.4 cubic ft $$$$ 29 x 27 x 43 inches 6 C+

Samsung WA50F9A8DSP

5.0 cubic ft $$$$$ 29.2 x 27 x 44.8 inches 15 C



  1. Energy Efficiency

Almost every mom at home is very much particular about saving as much money as they can. Washing clothes is not just about putting out clean and conditioned clothes for the whole family; it has to be done with the least cost as possible. That is why it is more practical to adopt a greener washing lifestyle which is designed for energy-saving function. Look for a top load washer that is Energy-star qualified to make sure that it is energy efficient.


  1. Capacity

Capacity is really important, especially if you are doing a whole family’s pile of laundry. Normally, larger washers do not get the job done properly. Efficiency is about finishing as much laundry, in the most effective way, and fastest time possible. Be sure to get a top load washer that can do as much clothes in the shortest time. It should be able to hold 20 pounds more laundry than the standard size.


  1. Water Consumption

Most of the energy consumed in washing goes to the heating of the water -which means that if you use less water, you can definitely save as much energy as possible. A standard top load washer uses about 50 gallons of water for every loading. The best top load washer is able to operate in about half as much water as usual and still be able to deliver really clean and well-conditioned clothes.


What products are the best


Automatic clothes washers are really one of the most helpful machines inside the household. Efficient wash machines can help save a lot of time in cleaning and drying clothes. There are actually different types of wash machines: top load washers and front load washers. In terms of convenience and ease of use, top load washers are better choices. It allows you to add clothes even in the middle of a wash cycle. Top load washers on the market come in all sizes and prices, but the best top load washer 2015 has the best features for a reasonable price. Our team has gathered five items which did great in the recently conducted wash machine reviews.


Speed Queen AWN412 Top Load Washer


best top load washer 2015Speed Queen’s AWN412 washer is a product of smart engineering. It really impressed a lot of customers who gave it positive feedback online. This is a washer that actually does the job right. It cleans the clothes gently, without causing any damage to the fabric. The regular cycle takes about 28 minutes. Its redesigned agitator provides a larger washing space. This washer only requires to be filled at least 2/3 of water. It uses less water, less detergent, and less energy.

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GE GTWN5650FWS Top Load Washer


3GE has yet again provided its valued customers with the best washing technology they can offer in the form of the GTWN5650FWS Top load washer. Innovative agitator system is the key to great cleaning results. Plus, the variable-speed technology provides control for different fabric, making it one of the best top load washers 2015. This is the ideal top load washer for a combined excellent cleaning performance in the shortest possible time. Maximum savings is guaranteed with the energy-saving feature.

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Haier HLP21N Pulsator Washer


4The Haier HLP21N Pulsator wash is proof that size does not precede performance. Even with its 1.0 cubic foot capacity, it can definitely deliver great performance and impressive cleaning results. This compact washer is ideal for small apartments. It uses a pulsator system rather than an agitator. This means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your cloth’s fabric because it doesn’t twist and pull the cloth the way agitator does. This unique feature was able to earn this product positive feedback in the top loading washer reviews 2015.

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Frigidaire FAHE4044MW Affinity High Efficiency Top Load Washer


5Frigidaire is a popular name in home appliances. There are multiple cycles available for thorough and careful cleaning of any cloth types. The Care wash action is for the gentle moving and spinning of water and detergent for a more effective cleaning. For fast speed actions, the vibration control system keeps the machine steady, producing less vibration. And the glass top feature is a great touch for easy checking up of the washing progress.

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Samsung WA50F9A8DSP Stainless Platinum Top Load Washer


2Samsung has developed another promising wash machine unit that sets out to impress the market. The WA50F9A8DSP is a family-size top load washer, designed to be the best top loading washer 2015. Vibration Reduction technology keeps the machine from producing noise while the powerful water jets clean the clothes thoroughly. There is a built-in heater that regulates the temperature to keep you clothes free from bacteria.

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